2013 Highlights

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2013 Summer Solstice International Competition Powwow Winners!

** Drum Contest **
1st Place: Crazy Spirit
2nd Place: Black Bear
3rd Place: Poplar Singers
4th Place: Northern Voice
5th Place: O-Town Boys

**Dance Contest **

Golden Age Women 50+ open
1st Place: Vicky Montour
2nd Place: Katrina Fisher
3rd Place: Eileen Rourke
4th Place: Sharon Lavallee

Golden Age Men 50+ open
1st Place: Preston Tone-Pah-Hote Jr.
2nd Place: Mike Dashner
3rd Place: John McComber
4th Place: Emerson Benson

Adult Women’s Fancy (18-49)
1st Place: T-ata Roberts
2nd Place: Deanne Hupfield
3rd Place: Amanda Larock-Perley
4th Place: Celina Cada-Matasawagon

Adult Women’s Jingle (18-49)
1st Place: Kylarae Sanderson
2nd Place: Yanabah Redhouse
3rd Place: Rowena Roberts
4th Place: Lisa Marie Lavallee

Adult Women’s Traditional (18-49)
1st Place: Kristol Abel
2nd Place: Sara Loft
3rd Place: Christal Ratt
4th Place: Tara Trudeau

Adult Men’s Chicken (18-49)
1st Place: Matthew Isaac
2nd Place: Nelson Baker
3rd Place: Leland Red Eagle

Adult Men’s Fancy (18-49)
1st Place: Todd Wilson

Adult Men’s Grass (18-49)
1st Place: Jesse Osawamick
2nd Place: David Trudeau
3rd Place: Matthew Pheasant
4th Place: David Charette

Adult Men’s Traditional (18-49)
1st Place: Wendall Powless
2nd Place: Devan Kicknosway
3rd Place: Dan Isaac
4th Place: Bryden Kiwenzie

Teen Women’s Fancy (13-17)
1st Place: Oke-Twsha Roberts
2nd Place: Joni Pompana
3rd Place: Brittany Jones
4th Place: Alicia Asp-Chief

Teen Women’s Jingle (13-17)
1st Place: Tarlynn Tone-Pah-Hote
2nd Place: Seven Big Mountain
3rd Place: Samantha Moosemay
4th Place: Kiana Fontaine

Teen Women’s Traditional (13-17)
1st Place: Laurel Thomas-Racette

Teen Men’s Fancy (13-17)
1st Place: My-Juhtheen Roberts
2nd Place: Tyler Dashner

Teen Men’s Grass (13-17)
1st Place: Quinton Wilson
2nd Place: Jenme Bondy
3rd Place: Dustin Big Mountain
4th Place: Mitchell Roy

Teen Women’s Traditional (13-17)
1st Place: Ty Carter
2nd Place: Preston “Buddy” Tone-Pah-Hote III

Jr. Girl’s Fancy (6-12)
1st Place: Nya Barnes
2nd Place: Nicole Dashner
3rd Place: Puungbiisohn Trudeau
4th Place: Lashawnee Myo

Jr. Girl’s Jingle (6-12)
1st Place: Isabelle Wilson
2nd Place: Sarah McGregor
3rd Place: Niibishens Trudeau
4th Place: Delia Pridham

Jr. Girl’s Traditional (6-12)
1st Place: Naliyah Barnes
2nd Place: Dana Lewis

Jr. Boy’s Fancy (6-12)
1st Place: Mashtan Newashish
2nd Place: Khylan Isaac

Jr. Boy’s Grass (6-12)
1st Place: Dustin Boya
2nd Place: Sikomik Boivin
3rd Place: Tristan Dreaver
4th Place: Brent Couchie

Jr. Boy’s Traditional (6-12)
1st Place: Sima Big Mountain
2nd Place: Wacante Pompana

** Smoke Dance Special Winners **
Men’s 18-49
1st Shonatsowane Diabo
2nd Mason Phillips
3rd DJ White

Women’s 18-49
1st Tasha Thompson
2nd Wahsontio Jacobs
3rd Kristal Abel
4th Eileen Rouke

Chi Meegwetch!


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