Aboriginal History Month

15th Annual Noogam Traditional Powwow at Queen Juliana Park near Dow’s Lake, June 15, 16, 17, 2012.  Highlights include Hoop Dance, Grass Dance, Jingle Dress Dance, Round Dance and First Nation arts, crafts, food, cultural demonstrations, exhibitions and dances.  This is a free family event with no alcohol, drugs and pets.  For further information contact Noogam Traditional Powwow at 613 710-2795, email noongampowwo@yahoo.com or http://www.noongam.50mets.com

Asinabka Film and Media Arts Festival, June 18th-24th, 2012, is a celebration of Indigenous cultures and issues from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists with screenings of films and media art events at galleries in the National Capital. Asinabka Film and Media Arts Festival in partnership with “Fresh Tracks,” a local Indigenous Arts Collective will co-host an evening of inter-disciplinary performance arts at Fall Down Gallery at  288 Bank Street on June 21st. The event will include a showcase of filmmaker Armand Garnett Ruffo and the screening of “A Windigo Tale.” For further information contact 613 889-9559 or http://www.asinabkafestival.org

Odawa Native Friendship Centre in partnership with the Dovercourt Community Centre will host a 6th annual National Aboriginal Day free event of celebration with the local Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal and local elementary schools at the Dovercourt Community Centre, Dovercourt Avenue.  Cultural activities will include dance, music, food and interactive presentations; showcase of dance styles, drumming; Inuit throat singing, Northern Games, Métis jigging, fiddle music, craft activities and food sampling.  For further information contact 613 722-3811 or http://www.odawa.on.ca

Tungasuvvingat Inuit will host Quaggiq, a traditional summer celebration to promote pride in Inuit culture and heritage on June 21st at the Family Resources and Health.  This is a free event open to the general public.  Festivities at the family Resources and Health Promotion Centre include an opening prayer, qulliq, story telling, traditional feast including caribou, muskox, muktuk and Iqaluk (fish), Inuit throat singing, drum dancing, games and sports.  Tungasuvvingat Inuit will also be an exhibitor at 2012 Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts Festival on June 21-22 at Vincent Massey Park.  For further information contact 613 563-3546 or http://www.tungasuvvingatinuit.ca

Gignul Non-Profit Housing Corporation will host a 11th annual picnic for tenants on June 19th, 3-7 pm at the Richelieu Vanier Park. This free event for Ginul Non-Profit Housing Corporation tenants is a celebration of heritage and culture with activities including barbecue food, and games for children and adults.  For further information contact 613 232-0016 or .http://www.gignulhousing.org

Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start will host a 15th Anniversary Family Reunion and Summer Solstice Social on June 21st ,  4-7pm at Vincent Massey Park.  Each year, Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start celebrates the end of the school year for the early childhood programming with a family picnic. Guests are invited to contribute dishes to a potluck dinner to complement BBQ game meats, fresh bannock and berries provided by Makonsag.  Planned activities include traditional games for all ages, children’s performances, drumming, dancing, face painting and door prizes to encourage guests to come in regalia. For further information contact 613 724-5844 or http://www.gignulhousing.org