Pow Wow

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Bring a lawn chair and watch the dancers, from the tiniest tots to our most respected elders, compete for over $65,000 in prizes! Throughout the weekend there will be timed competition specials for dancers of all ages.

We Proudly Welcome Young Bear asour Host Drum this year!


Young Bear is a talented young group of singers deeply rooted in the Mandaree community of North Dakota. Rich in family tradition, Young Bear started with the sons of well-respected singers, Randy Phelan and Sidrick Baker, Sr. Both Randy and Sidrick handed down the knowledge taught to them by their legendary fathers, Alonzo Young Bear, Sr. and Bill Baker.

Young Bear is the next generation of great singers to come from the Fort Berthold Reservation. The Phelan and Baker boys have come together with their drum brothers from across the U.S. & Canada to form the powwow circuits next up-and-coming drum. They’re “Keepin It Old Style” because that’s what they’ve been taught, adding a new chapter in the singing books. No, it’s not the last chapter or even claiming to be the best, but just something all their own.


Pow Wow Co-EmCee: Denis Bowen

dennis_bowen_size1A Community activist for Indigenous Rights, Denis Bowen has been part of sovereignty cases in the New York State  as recent as 1995  (and won!) and was earlier arraigned the same Buffalo U.S. Federal District court on during the American Indian Movement days which were dropped later.  A community leader, Denis held many positions such as Chair of the Board Seva Foundation (2006-2007), Seneca Nation President (1994-95), and School Board President for TCUD #15 (1979-1980). Denis developed the Nine-Voices Cultural Prevention Model and is a certified trainer of Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training which help through traditional teaching and thought.  Denis concentrating on a budding art career which he specializes in landscapes, portraits and figurative painting.

Pow Wow Co-EmCee: Ryan McMahon

RyanMcMahon1_size1Ryan McMahon is one of the most dynamic Aboriginal/Native American Comedians working in Canada and the United States today. He’s also a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory(Toronto). His show is a loose, fast paced, silly but always honest look at society from the perspective of a “Native dude.” Ryan’s comedy is irreverent and boundary pushing as he focuses his attention on the good, the bad & the ugly of the collision between Indian Country and the mainstream.


Drum Contest
1st place: $5000/ 2nd place: $4000/ 3rd place: $2500/ 4th place: $1500 /5th place: $1000

Golden Age Men/Women 50+ open
1st place: $1000/ 2nd placeL: $800/ 3rd place: $650/ 4th place: $500
Men’s (Combined) Women’s (Combined)

Adult (18-49)
1st place: $1000/ 2nd place: $800/ 3rd place: $650/ 4th place: $500
Men’s (Traditional/Grass/Fancy/Chicken)
Women’s (Traditional/Jingle/Fancy)

Teens (13-17)
1st place:  $400/ 2nd place: $300/ 3rd place: $200/ 4th place: $150
Men’s (Traditional/Grass/Fancy)
Women’s (Traditional/Jingle/Fancy)

Juniors (6-12)
1st place: $200/ 2nd place: $150/ 3rd place: $100/ 4th place: $75
Men’s (Traditional/Grass/Fancy)
Women’s (Traditional/Jingle/Fancy)

Tiny Tots
$5 per day

Special Adults ( 18 – 54 yrs)
1st place: $400/ 2nd place: $300/ 3rd place: $200/ 4th place: $100
Men’s Smoke Dance
Women’s Smoke Dance



  1. The use of alcohol or drugs at any time at the powwow will result in immediate disqualification from all competition and you will be asked to leave the powwow.
  2. All dancers must register in their age category ~ NO EXCEPTIONS and proof of age may be required.
  3. DANCE CONTEST ~ points start Saturday June 22/13 through to Sunday June 23/13. Dancers are expected to participate in all Grand Entries. However, points are awarded for the Saturday June 22 & Sunday June 23/13 Grand Entries.
  4. All dancers are expected to be ready when called for contests. If you are late you will loose half the points for that session.
  5. The use of Whistles during the contest is not permitted and will result in disqualification of the dancer for that session.
  6. The dropping of an Eagle feather from you regalia will result in disqualification for that session only; the dropping of other items will not disqualify the dancer.
  7. No family member, through blood, marriage or adoption shall judge a contest with a relative competing. If this occurs and is not discovered before the contest starts, the dancer would be disqualified for that session.
  8. If there are less than 2 competitors in any category, there will be an exhibition dance and the dancers will receive an honorarium equal to that of second place. All rules still apply, including participation in Grand Entry.
  9. All Dancers must be in full regalia to collect any prize money; photographs of the winners will be taken for any sponsors of a particular category.
  10. Dancers are to be in full regalia during their competition dance song.
  11. Sunglasses will not be permitted.
  12. Smoke Dance competitors must have appropriate regalia for the Smoke Dance special; theSmoke Dance special is only open to 18-54 yrs age group ~ NO EXCEPTIONS and proofof age may be required.
  13. All decisions by the Head Judges and Committee are final.